Data Policy

About SKY RADIOMETER Data Policy

Participants, collaborators, and data users are encouraged to follow the data policy for making the SKYNET system healthy and most contributory to the research community.

  1. Data users have to get permission from the data owners for data use in publication.Way of courtesy, i.e., co-authorship or acknowledge in the acknowledgments, is subject to the discussion between the data user and data owner.
  2. Data users should acknowledge SKYNET project in the acknowledgments.
  3. Data owners(*) can share all the data and software generated by the SKYNET project.
  4. Data owners should release the data taken at the SKYNET site they administrate to the SKYNET data center at earliest timing.
  5. Data owners have to release the data to public within one and half years.

*; Data owner(s) : main contributor(s) for each data to be observed and pre-processed.