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Anmyon, Korea
(photo by B.J.Sohn)

- Basic site information -
  1. Site Name: Anmyon, Korea (ANM)

  2. Category: Basic site

  3. Site Geographical Coordinates:
    36.517N, 126.317E, Alt. 45 m
  4. Observation Term, Instruments:
    + ????.??.?? - now (#1: POM-01)
    (#1 owner): Prof. B.J.Sohn, (SNU)
  5. Site Manager(s): Prof. B.J.Sohn

  6. Results & Information: ?

- Last Modified on 19 July, 2005 -

CAUTION: Data presented in the initial result data is unscreened and may not have final calibration reprocessing.
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